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Wild Animal Welfare Seminar presentations now on Youtube

lynx; wild animal welfare seminar

The recent Wild Animal Welfare Seminar (October 2019) combined two topics seldom linked together: animal welfare on individual level and wildlife on population and species level. An international entourage of speakers presented their research findings and reflections on the welfare of wild animals. The presentations are now available online on our YouTube channel.

New viewpoints to wild animal welfare

The seminar gathered about one hundred participants on site in Helsinki, and a total of 700 viewers around the world online via webstream. Presentations were recorded and are now viewable on our YouTube. See for example:

New ideas and contacts

According to the feedback poll, the seminar was successful: 87% of respondents rated the seminar as very good or excellent. Discussing welfare issues of the wild animals obviously inspired the participants. The concept of animal welfare, traditionally linked with production animals and pets, does not often associate with “the wild nature”. Now the speakers had been asked to combine the two. Beside the wild nature, some of the presentations addressed the welfare of reindeer, the semi-domesticated production and/or tourism animal. Even the position of sledge dogs on a tame-wild axis was debated.

Most of the participants reported the seminar had given them new ideas and perspectives on animal welfare issues.  We are especially happy about the new connections between researchers and experts, different fields of science and disciplines. Hopefully these connections will bring lots of fruitful cooperation for the welfare of wild animals!

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