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reindeer in a forest

Handling and transportation stressful to reindeer

Reindeer are semi-domesticated animals that live all their life outdoors. They are not accustomed to human handling and find it stressful. According to the Norwegian scientists, the modern reindeer are no longer as tame as some decades ago. However, reindeer are handled and transported, for example, to summer and winter pastures, as well as for…

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lynx; wild animal welfare seminar

Wild Animal Welfare Seminar presentations now on Youtube

The recent Wild Animal Welfare Seminar (October 2019) combined two topics seldom linked together: animal welfare on individual level and wildlife on population and species level. An international entourage of speakers presented their research findings and reflections on the welfare of wild animals. The presentations are now available online on our YouTube channel. New viewpoints…

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EU agricultural ministers visited a Finnish dairy farm

EU agriculture ministers and chief veterinary officers visit Finland

In september 2019, EU agriculture ministers visited Finland and chief veterinary officers had a meeting at Finlandia Hall in Helsinki. Topics of the dairy farm visit in a group of ministers of ​​over 200 people included animal welfare and health, as well as responsible use of antibiotics in animals. The meeting of the chief veterinary…

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animal welfare label; cows on a pasture

Quality label for animal-friendly foodstuff in Finland to be developed

Among Finnish consumers there is a growing interest in animal-friendly products and a quality packing label for ethical production. There are plenty of farmers, slaughterhouses, companies and retailers that already have possibilities and interest to develop a label that ensures high animal welfare standard. A label telling about animal welfare The project for developing a…

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The pig tail, even when bitten, is an indicator of pig welfare

Tail docking is a common practice in most EU countries to reduce tail biting in pigs. Tail biting causes pigs pain and stress but, more importantly, it indicates underlying welfare problems. In a few European countries, such as in Finland, tail docking is forbidden by the national animal welfare act.

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