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Quality label for animal-friendly foodstuff in Finland to be developed

Among Finnish consumers there is a growing interest in animal-friendly products and a quality packing label for ethical production. There are plenty of farmers, slaughterhouses, companies and retailers that already have possibilities and interest to develop a label that ensures high animal welfare standard. A label telling about animal welfare The project for developing a…

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The pig tail, even when bitten, is an indicator of pig welfare

Tail docking is a common practice in most EU countries to reduce tail biting in pigs. Tail biting causes pigs pain and stress but, more importantly, it indicates underlying welfare problems. In a few European countries, such as in Finland, tail docking is forbidden by the national animal welfare act.

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The Finnish Centre for Animal Welfare

The Finnish Centre for Animal Welfare (EHK) is a network of animal welfare specialists, located in the Natural Resources Institute Finland. Our work, based on scientific research and knowledge, aims at improving and safeguarding the welfare of animals. The staff includes Satu Raussi and Tiina Kauppinen, who both work in close collaboration to the advisory board. EHK is funded by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry in Finland.

EHK keeps track of scientific research on animal welfare, reports statistics and trends and communicates animal welfare issues in a popular manner. We work in close collaboration with Finnish animal welfare research groups (e.g. Research Centre for Animal Welfare, University of Helsinki). We also act as secretaries for the Finnish farm and hobby animal welfare councils and communicate their outcomes as well as monitor the work of the council of lab animal protection.

EHK writes reports, blog posts, columns, statements, best practise guides etc. (mainly in Finnish). All publications are freely accessed here; see also the Animal Welfare Report in English. Our website provides basic knowledge of animal welfare of different species and in general, and discusses e.g. the position of animals in the society. Consumer’s guide to farm animal welfare (in Finnish) provides information of requirements of the Finnish Animal Welfare Act and statutes concerning animal production for food.

EHK strives to improve animal welfare through active collaboration with stakeholders. We discuss, communicate, give lessons, talks and interviews, participate animal welfare related events and seminars, provide and forward expertise in animal welfare issues. Social media and this website are our main channels of communication.

Our partners are animal welfare stakeholders and general public interested in animal welfare. These include e.g. researchers, experts, teachers, authorities, NGO’s, animal hobbyists, farmers, and food industry.

Animal Welfare Report 2011